Best Time to Visit Hawaii For Great Weather and Low Prices

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Best Time to Visit Hawaii

When is the best time to visit Hawaii? Because Hawaii lies within the tropics, it has a beautiful beach with good weather for swimming.

To optimize your trip to Hawaii, consider traveling from Labor Day to Thanksgiving during the autumn season. September is, in particular, a favorable month as you’ll encounter better weather, less crowding, and better pricing from accommodations to activities. Avoid going during the rainy season or peak times, as prices tend to be higher and crowds more prominent so pack your bag and consider Hawaii as one travel destination next year.

  • High Seasons: June to July and the month of December
  • Shoulder Seasons: January to May and August to November

Best time to visit Hawaii for Amazing Weather

Hawaii’s summertime, particularly June through August, promises warm and sunny weather, with minimal rain and pleasant water temperatures. Nevertheless, Hawaii boasts good weather year-round.

If you’re planning an escapade in Hawaii, try fitting it within the aforementioned summer window, ensuring optimal conditions for your tropical getaway. On average, Hawaii’s weather is temperate, with temperatures typically hovering between 84 to 88 degrees, making it a reliable holiday destination across all seasons.

It is worth checking local weather though, because the water in many places of this country can be a little wet depending on the windward and leeward sides of the island or whether there is a windward or downward angle.

Hawaii Annual Events

Every year, the Hawaiian Islands host a series of signature events that include music festivals, surfing competitions, and cultural celebrations. The most popular are the Mauna Kea Music Festival (April), Aloha Festivals (September), and Waikiki Beach Boys Revue (October). These unique festivals make for an even more enjoyable experience in Hawaii.

Visiting Hawaii During the Summer

August is Hawaii’s warmest month, with little rainfall. The summer heat tends to reach the high 80s to the low 90s. Low temperatures average around 71-80 degrees.

These months are also the wettest, averaging about 1 3/8 inches of rainfall each month. Families are more likely to travel during this time as school is out, making it the second busiest tourist season in Hawaii.

Hawaii Hurricane Season Months

The Hawaii hurricane season spans from June 1st to September 30th. Hurricanes infrequently cause destruction every time they strike, but it’s worth considering when planning a vacation.

Although Hawaii hasn’t suffered hurricane-induced damage, the island chain has been hit by several hurricanes in the past, such as Hurricane Iwa (1992) and Hurricane Inkiki (1992), with the latter causing significant damage in Kauai. While hurricanes don’t always cause significant damage, they can cause inconvenience during your vacation.

Visiting Hawaii During The Fall

November, along with December, experiences the highest precipitation levels of any month in Hawaiian history. This makes November one of the best times to visit the islands without being crowded by tourists, and enjoy cheaper hotel rates.

Be sure to bring a raincoat with you for protection as the temperature in this period ranges between the 70s and 80s degrees, while the average annual precipitation lies between 2-5 mm in November.

Visiting Hawaii During the Spring

The weather during spring is spectacular! Between February and March, temperatures average in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, with lows hovering a little above 70.

Suffice it to say, that the seasonal climate is a pleasure to experience.

What lower is the best month to go to Hawaii?

Hawaii has the least crowds. This is a good season to avoid crowds. September is the least packed because of low visitor numbers to the island on Labor Day. 2019 visitor statistics for Hawaii. In 2019, there was no travel restriction, so the forecast shows visitor numbers in 2023.

March receives the highest amount of rainfall, with 3.5 inches on average, and by the end of May, rainfall averages drop by about 1 1/2 inches. After spring breaks have ended, the late spring months April and May are a good time to visit the island to avoid large crowds or high prices at a hotel or resort while enjoying great Hawaii conditions.

What Travelers Expect after 2023

In reality, historic events may not have been as significant before the pandemic. In the table below you see visitors for 2018 as well as 2022. The demand has been less since travel restrictions were lifted in March 2022.

In March 2022 visitors increased significantly even though restrictions had already been removed. Only Oahu saw fewer visitors than in 2019 – this was mainly due to the lack of foreign tourists in general. 2023 will be an extremely active period for Hawaii travel.

The Fewest Crowds in Hawaii

Choosing a vacation month when the visitor population is low will help reduce the chances of a tourist arriving. January, February, September, and October are the least frequent in Hawaii. To avoid the crowd, this month is a good opportunity to travel to Hawaii. September is the least crowded as the number of visitors drops to the islands after Labor Day.

Despite the pandemic’s drastic change in visitor numbers over the previous year, trends remain at the ebb. October and September bring in fewer residents in Hawaii. In Maui, the summertime was quite the break from the crowd of the summers.

Visiting Hawaii During the Winter

Temperatures between December and March average between the mid-70s and low 80s. The average low is between 50 and 90 degrees Celsius.

Winters generally see more rain, with 3.3 inches of rain each month. Between December and March is Hawaii’s peak tourist season. This is still the perfect time to go out in Hawaii for the winter and expect high rates at hotels and resorts.

Winter Events

It’s the peak season to compete in surfing, such as the Van-Stripe Crown in Oahu.

Best Time for Snorkeling, Swimming, and Diving?

Hawaii offers excellent snorkeling, diving, and swimming opportunities for a wide variety of seasons, though the best time is the summer. This period is shorter warmer and more cooperative – providing perfect conditions for exploring the water in the area around the islands.

Our view on Maui is that snorkeling is best in any part of Hawaii followed by swimming in the Big Islands. Both islands offer excellent snorkeling opportunities mostly protected from wind and surf in the east of the islands.

Visiting Hawaii in January

January is a popular month for Hawaii’s visitors. You must book your travel in January to avoid resorts selling out in the coming months. The year January is popular among travelers, as are annual golf championships held in many island countries every January.

January averages an average temperature of 82 degrees and an average temperature of 72 degrees with 3 to 3 inches of precipitated rainfall.

Best time to visit Hawaii to avoid the crowds

The peak tourist season in Hawaii typically starts in December and ends in March / mid-April. The off-season runs between the middle and mid-June and resumes between September and October when crowd counts start to increase.

July and August have a relatively low activity rate but still attract decent crowds and are especially popular with vacation families.

Best Time to Purchase Hawaii Airline Tickets?

As with accommodation, you should generally book sooner. Most Hawaii flights have high rates and varying rates depending on many factors over time.

In general, we advise visitors to look for flights four months before their journey and to book within a month of their scheduled arrival for a better rate. It should help you get an excellent deal on it.

Visiting Hawaii in October

October is an important time in Hawaii for the Hawaii International Film Festival, Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, Kauai Chocolate & Coffee Festival, and the Eo EMALAI I ALAKAI Festival held in their respective islands.

Average high temperatures in Hawaii are 88 degrees and average lows are 73 degrees. But rain on these Islands also increases, averaging nearly 3 3/4 inches of rain throughout October.

Updated Hawaii Visitor Guides

You should download the updated 2019 Hawaii Visitor Guide for free before traveling there. This year we updated the travel guide with lots of new information. Trusted by millions of Hawaii Visitors Every Year. Hawaii’s visitors have a dream. what do they blame for that? It has an amazing climate almost year-round and the food is fantastic.

Best Times to Go Whale Watching in Hawaii

The best time of year to see a whale is October through April. Then the Pacific Humpback Whale returns to the hot water around the islands to breed, feed, and raise the young.

Cheapest months to visit Hawaii

Traveling to the island can be expensive during summer months, and if you’re hoping for savings, wait for peak seasons off-peak and on the low end. Hawaii’s shoulder seasons run from January to May, and from September to Thanksgiving.

Spring Break and September can result in increased traffic as well as higher prices. Look closely at your bookings. Sky Scanner has historical data showing the cheapest flights during the winter, specifically in January. Currently, long-haul flights are worth more than $1000.

Top Times of Year to Travel to Hawaii for the best weather, lowest rates, top events, and fewest visitors

Kalalau Valley – Kauau

Best Time to Book Hawaii Hotels?

It’s best to book a few weeks in advance – not more. The cheapest accommodations in Hawaii are usually reserved quickly and usually during the summer holidays.

We suggest booking at least four months before Christmas/New Year to ensure you have enough room for the holidays in the first place to make the booking.

Please check out hotel rates to see if they offer the cheapest rates as well as compare the most popular travel sites for a single search.

High/Low Temperatures & Monthly Precipitation

Climate note: Weather and climate figures are calculated by reliable weather sources providing monthly temperatures and precipitation data on every Island’s major airports. The airports collectively provide an accurate statewide forecast of weather conditions, however, this is not the “whole island” forecast.

Weather conditions vary dramatically between Hawaiian Island and all other islands due to varied topographies variations in elevations and trade winds. Temperature is shown in Fahrenheit and precipitation is in inches. In addition, travelers may find more information about each island: Hawaii | Oahu | Hawaii | Island of Hawaii.

The Best Island in Hawaii to See Whales

You can observe whales from almost every Hawaiian island except in a few places: Maui. The Auau Channel between Maui Molokai and Lanai offers excellent whale-watching opportunities.

Lahaina, an island situated west of the Maui Coast, is the hub of several whale-watching tours. Plus, Lahaina has a great ocean-view hotel and excellent dining. List the best Hawaii destinations. Complete guides.

Detailed Monthly Overview

The month is broken down into sections for more information about the visitor. Tell us the month you’re most interested in and why.

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfers originated here in Hawaii and are very popular today. People can learn about surfing from any island and watch them perform.

Best Times to Watch Surfing in Hawaii

The biggest wave season takes place each winter from December until February. There’s no limit to surfing anywhere, but the most competitive in Oahu.

The North Shore of Oahu provides a safe spot to watch professional athletes compete in world-renowned competitions.

Best time to travel to Hawaii to surf

There are no other islands of the Hawaii archipelago that allow surfing all the time – Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. What time and place you want to surf is entirely dependent on your abilities. It follows a relatively uniform timetable.

The winter surfer may see swelling on an island north of the north coast while the south coast experiences calmer seas. In summer things are quite the opposite. For advanced surfers winter season, aka ho’olio, is when you should be looking for big wave competitions on Oahu’s North Shore.

Ready to Book Your Trip to Hawaii?

Forget what you heard: Flights to Hawaii are not permitted to exceed $600 roundtrip. There are flights to Hawaii. Starting with basic information. There is a single rule that makes shoppers travel cheaper. Find your flight, then plan your vacation around it.

Trying this would handcuff a traveler with specific travel dates and this would lead to expensive travel. How can we book low-cost flight tickets to Hawaii? You can read all about finding cheap flight options online. But Thrifty Travelers premium members get the same price in their inbox. Or it… Perhaps.

Best time to visit Hawaii in our opinion.

The best time in Hawaii depends upon the activity of your choice. Visit in summer to explore volcanoes. Hiking is still possible during the winter season, but the potential for high rainfall is more likely and the path is also much more muddy and slippery.

The best times to visit Hawaii are in January and March. In California, surfing can be accessed all through the summer at its origin. The beach offers an adventure of snorkeling or scuba diving with the Hawaiian sand and reef at once.

Airline Costs & Flight Rates

This page will become updated once the aviation sector returns to normalcy. Currently, rates remain comparable from airline to airline and demand is very robust. Generally speaking, we recommend travelers book flights very well before traveling.

Hawaii Accommodation Costs

Next, please indicate which island you visit (select the primary island if you visit more than one), choose an apartment type/class, change the night duration (default is 1 week), or change the number of bedrooms.

How much does the hotel charge for parking on an island? Optional – $20/night applicable in some hotels.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Hawaii?

The cheaper flight times are February and March. The cheapest month for travel is December when holiday time falls and January is extremely expensive. June is often the most expensive month to fly in the United States with low prices and reasonable prices.

What is the rainy season in Hawaii?

Hawaiian heavy rain is caused by winter weather from October to February. Although terrain influences rainstorm rainfall not as strongly as trade winds showers, large variations occur across short periods due to topography and location in which rain is concentrated.

What month is the most expensive for Hawaii?

Late April through late March 2024. It is also one of Hawaii’s more expensive periods.

What month is the best month to go to Hawaii?

The smallest crowd in Hawaii. This is the best time of year for Hawaii visitors. August is the least crowded with the low numbers of visitors to the islands following Labor Day.

Visitors statistics for 2019 in Hawai’i. 2019 did not have travel restrictions therefore these figures show expected visitor growth in 2023.

What is the cheapest month to go to Hawaii?

May through October is the low season in Hawaii with the lowest airfares. No matter when you go you could get more deals if you traveled on the weekend.

What are the best and worst months to visit Hawaii?

The best season usually is from September to Thanksgiving and April to May is the best month in Hawaii to enjoy good weather and affordable flights.

Whatever month of the year you choose to travel to Hawaii, you’ll be disappointed. December can sound horrible, but the holidays in Hawaii are still memorable.

In Hawaii peak tourist seasons usually commence between November and December and continue until mid-March or early May. Off-season lasts between March and September, and resumes until August when the crowd increases after the Holidays.

What month is the cheapest to visit Hawaii?

The low season in Hawaii is May to June. Flights are also lower. If you travel during the week or at weekends, you can find better deals if traveling during the week.

What time of year is the most expensive to go to Hawaii?

From March to April 2023. They are also among the best value times for traveling to Hawaii. It is unlikely you would find many offers offered during spring break, however, the spring break season has some nice surprises.

What are the hottest months in Hawaii?

Hawaii is warmer during August and September than in June and July. Its coldest months are February and March, not December or January, and reflect the yearly variations of ocean temperatures and humidity.

What are the hottest months to visit Hawaii?

August is normally the hottest month in Hawaii. Its average height was 93 degrees and its average depth was 73 degrees. The average rainfall for each day was around 1 1/2 m of rain. August is experiencing peak traffic in June and July, but then things drop.

What is the rainy season in Hawaii?

All year long people visit Hawaii’s warm beaches. Even when it rains in Hawaii between November and March, the storms may fall at any moment — usually on the northwest side.

What month is the off-season in Hawaii?

Summer is the “low”/off-season

Which is the best month to go to Hawaii?

Fewest crowds in Hawaii To reduce the number of visitors, this is the most pleasant time to visit Hawaii. In September, October is the most popular with visitors dropping off on the island at the end of Labor Day. Visitation data from 2018 for Hawaii. 2019 did not have travel limitations and so this is reflected in expected 2023 visitor trends.

What is the cheapest time to visit Hawaii?

It’s cheaper to travel to Hawaii between April and May. The most expensive months for flying are December during a vacation period and January can be quite expensive.

The peak travel period between May and June is not the most expensive month to book flights, with an average price.

What is the best and cheapest month to go to Hawaii?

April through July and August through mid-September have a low season in Hawaii, and airfare is less. If you are traveling during the week or the week it’s possible to get a more attractive deal than you did during the holiday season.

What is the best and cheapest time of year to go to Hawaii?

In general, the best affordable rates for both flights and accommodation are usually during the fall, and sometimes in the spring. The months from September to November (sometimes until December) offer the best accommodation, excluding Thanksgiving.

What is the bad weather season for Hawaii?

Hawaiian rainfall is strongest during winter between October and April. Although terrain has a less significant impact upon storm rainfall than trade winds showers, significant differences are observed over relatively low distances, depending on topographic conditions or position in the rain cloud topography. There are different variations in the storms.

Autumn is the “low season” in Hawaii. May through August saw fewer tourists. So there are plenty of choices for hotels, travel, and attractions.

for Hawaii. May to June and September to the middle of November are characterized by the least visitors. It can result in greater flexibility in your travel choices when choosing hotels or attractions.


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