At One Travel Destinations, we’re dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line gear for your adventures. That’s why we’re proud to be prime partners with REI Adventure Camping Store, an outstanding US-based business that caters to outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. With their support, we’re able to offer you high-quality equipment, guaranteeing you an incredible experience every time!

Sleeping Tents

Discover the unparalleled comfort of our spacious Half Dome tent, meticulously designed to offer you the best night’s sleep imaginable.

Crafted with care for up to four occupants, our tents ensure a cozy space to share with just one fellow trekker. With ample room to stretch out, relax, and conveniently store your gear, our innovative A-frame design features entrances on both sides for easy access.

Plus, enjoy the added bonus of a front vestibule, providing extra outdoor space to keep your boots and walking sticks close at hand. As the exclusive provider of these exceptional tents, we take immense pride in offering a truly extraordinary camping experience unlike any other. Get ready for adventure with our remarkable Half Dome tent!

Luxury Inca Trail

Full Service Equestrian Center

Luxury Inca Trail

Hygienic Private Portable Toilet Tents

There is absolutely no need to worry about making an extra trek in the middle of the night just to use the bathroom during your hiking Tour. We have taken care of this inconvenience by setting up spotless, environmentally friendly Portable toilet tents at your camping and lunch sites. With these conveniences at your disposal, you won’t have to bother with the restroom facilities provided by the park, which, let’s be honest, aren’t always in the greatest condition.

Not only does this solution provide you with the utmost convenience and luxury of having a private bathroom during your trekking adventure, but it also allows us to minimize our impact on the environment. By opting for our method, you can rest assured that you are actively contributing to a lesser ecological footprint, while still enjoying the thrill of the great outdoors. So go ahead, and embark on your journey with peace of mind, knowing that your comfort and the preservation of our natural surroundings go hand in hand.

Luxury Inca Trail

Sleeping Bags

Introducing our top-notch sleeping bags! We’ve got you covered with mummy-style bags that are specifically crafted for extreme temperatures as low as -15°C/5°F. For those over 1.95 meters/6’4″, finding a rental in Cusco might be a challenge, so we highly recommend bringing your own sleeping bag for a comfy sleep during your expedition.

Rest assured, our sleeping bag liners are meticulously machine-washed after every use to ensure optimal hygiene standards. Just remember to include the weight of the liners in your duffel allowance. Get ready for a restful and cozy adventure with our sleeping bags!

Luxury Inca Trail

Foam Inflable Mat

When camping, a foam mat is included to create a barrier of separation and insulation between you and the ground. However, for an even more comfortable sleeping experience, you might want to consider upgrading by renting an inflatable sleeping pad.
These pads offer an additional three inches of plush cushioning on top of the provided foam mat.

We proudly offer a selection of high-quality inflatable air mattresses from reputable brands such as Thermarest and REI. Rest peacefully and wake up refreshed with these premium sleeping options.

Inca Trail Equipment

Our Walking Sticks

Looking for the perfect companion for your weekend hikes or exciting backpacking adventures in the mountains? Look no further than the Trail Trekking Pole! It strikes an ideal balance between comfort, functionality, and affordability, making it your go-to choice.

With its innovative Dual FlickLocks, you can easily adjust it to suit any trail terrain, guaranteeing optimal performance. Get ready to conquer the trails with this amazing trekking pole!

Weight Per Pair : 489 g (1 lb 1 oz)
Usable Length : 63.5-140 cm (25-55 in)
Collapsed Length : 63.5 cm (25 in)

Porters and Horses

Porters on The Inca Trail and horses hiking along the other alternative trails in Peru play a vital role. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to undertake these magnificent trails.
So please remember to tip your porters and guides accordingly – they will appreciate it very much! It is also worthwhile considering bringing along some small gifts such as hats, gloves, and socks for the porters, which can be purchased in the markets of Cusco or Lima prior to leaving for the trails.
Lastly, do not forget to bring enough water with you; at least three litres per person per day.

In addition to being well-prepared for your trek, it is also important that you are aware of the local wildlife and cultural customs as you will be traveling through Andean villages. Respect traditional customs by dressing appropriately when visiting towns and churches.

Satellite call

Safety & Satellite Phones

One of the best parts of hiking through the Andes is the remoteness. Being on top of the mountain with just your fellow trekkers and team can help connect you to the world in a way you have never experienced before. It’s amazing to be disconnected from work and any problems you left at home.

But it can also be scary. And scary for us. We have been lucky to have no real issues on any of our treks other than your general altitude sickness, and we hope that this is the only issue we have. But in case there was a true emergency, we know that our radios have limited bandwidth. The only way to connect to the world while hiking in the mountains is with satellite phones – so we just bought 50 of them.