Sustainable Tourism

Use Reuse and Recycle

Everything you want to know about sustainable travel, responsible travel, and ecotourism in Peru, and tips about how to make a difference.

What’s sustainable tourism?

Tourism is all about showcasing the most stunning and awe-inspiring features of our remarkable world. From mesmerizing landscapes to ancient archaeological sites brimming with mystery and rich history, these attractions captivate the attention of tourists, trekkers, and travel enthusiasts alike, beckoning them to witness and explore these extraordinary places.

However, with the influx of visitors, sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in safeguarding these areas from potential challenges. It helps prevent issues such as pollution, overcrowding, and noise pollution that could otherwise degrade the sites. Achieving this requires careful planning and adherence to the regulations set by both local and international authorities.

Let’s preserve the beauty of these destinations while ensuring a memorable and responsible travel experience for all. Together, we can make a positive impact on our world!

What are the Impacts of tourism?

Tourism is an intriguing activity that leaves its mark on the areas it develops. This impact can be both advantageous and, at times, challenging for the sectors it influences. Let’s delve into the impacts tourism has on the environment, society, economy, and culture.


Tourist hotspots attract a multitude of local and foreign visitors, which in itself is not a major concern. However, the real issue arises when we consider the surge in solid waste generated by this influx of people to a particular area.


Tourist destinations often attract a multitude of visitors, both from near and far. While this influx of people is not inherently problematic, the real concern lies in the accumulation of solid waste generated by this surge in population within a specific area.


Popular tourist destinations often attract a multitude of both local and international visitors. While this influx of people may not be problematic on its own, the real concern arises from the accumulation of solid waste generated by the increased number of individuals in a given area.

What ONE Travel Destinations Do?

With the recognition of Machu Picchu as a World Wonder and the growing popularity of the Inca Trail, the number of visitors has skyrocketed. This surge in tourism has opened up new opportunities for tour operators and job seekers. However, it has also led to challenges like increased waste and overcrowding in the parks.

At ONE Travel Destinations, we understand the importance of preserving our natural treasures. That’s why our dedicated staff, including guides, porters, and trekking chefs, are equipped with the knowledge and skills to minimize the impact of crowds and manage waste during every tour. We believe in educating both our team and our clients on the significance of respecting and learning about our culture.

By promoting responsible tourism and fostering a deep appreciation for our land, we can ensure a harmonious coexistence between visitors and our heritage. Together, we can create a positive impact that extends far and wide. Join us in this journey of discovery and preservation!